Interacting with God’s Creation: Matter Digital Unit Study



Kindergarten is a wonderful year, filled with discovery and wonder. I am so excited that you and your child will be joining me for a fun, interactive learning adventure as we explore God’s marvelous creation and learn all about the five senses and the matter and materials

we interact with on a daily basis. Kindergarteners have many questions about the world they live in; this unit is designed to answer the following questions:

● What is matter?

● How can we describe matter?

● What are the things we use and need made of?

●What are solids? What are liquids? What are gases? What is sight? What is taste? What is touch? What is sound? What is smell?

This study features a variety of activities and is designed to be completed over four weeks, each lesson builds off ideas in the previous lesson. Some activities require additional supplies. A supplies list for each activity is included in this guide after the day chart. Feel free to choose the projects and activities that work best for your family.

Digital Resources Needed:

Interacting with God’s Creation: Matter Digital Unit Study


Overdrive Resources Needed:




The Five Senses

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