This correlated page aligns the resources in RightNowMedia to Gr 7-9 Christian Studies. (correlations completed by Bruce Hildebrandt 2016)

Introduction to Christian Studies

The intent of this course is to introduce students to the basics of what Christians believe and meet most of the requirements of the HCOS Bible course requirements for grades 7-9.

This course is based on videos found in RightNow Media. If you do not already have access, please contact Beth Johnson for your free HCOS subscription.

Students are asked to view the videos listed below and then respond to the questions from the discussion guides. These responses can then be sent to your support teacher.  Students are more than welcome to do this on their own or together with family members.


Week One:  Who is God?


Response Questions:

Who is God to you?

What are your questions about God?

What does it mean if God exists?


Week Two:  Who is Jesus?  (19 minutes)

Watch: Why Jesus? by David Nasser   (What’s the Big Deal About Jesus?)


Why is Jesus so important to Christians?

What questions do you have about Jesus?


Week Three:  Was Jesus God?  (11 minutes)

            Watch:  Why Jesus? by David Nasser  (Was Jesus God, or Just a Good Man?)


What do Christians believe about Jesus?

If you could meet Jesus today, face-to-face what would you ask him?


Week Four: Having a Relationship with God  (32 minutes)

Watch: Doctrine by Francis Chan  (The Trinity)


Is it possible to have a relationship with someone you can’t see?

What are the benefits of having a relationship with Jesus/God?


Week Five:  Creation/ Why do we Exist?  (22 minutes)

Watch: Doctrine by Francis Chan  (Creation)


What are examples of common “design” in different creatures?

If it’s all about survival of the fittest, what’s wrong with the “strong” dominating the “weak”?


Week Six: Does Science Disprove the Christianity? (27 minutes)

Watch: Apologetics by Matt Chandler (Does Science Disprove)

Watch: The Incredible and Complex Cell –from Expelled Youtube

Watch: The Living Cell. (The sound track is really annoying, however the information talks about every part of a cell and is valuable)


Evolutionists propose that the first single cell with all of its complexity including DNA, spontaneously emerged from a chemical soup with the ability to divide and replicate itself.   From this first cell all of the rest of the complexity of life sprang.  –What is your opinion about this? (There are no right or wrong answers.)


Week Seven: Sin  (23 minutes)

Watch: Doctrine by Francis Chan (Sin)   (Warning: Some sensitive material ) (


Write a definition “What is sin?”

What are some lies people tell themselves about sin?


Week Eight: Salvation  (25 minutes)

Watch:  Doctrine by Francis Chan (Salvation)


What does salvation mean?

What do Christians believe is the way to have salvation?



Week Nine:  Why Does God Allow Suffering (28 minutes)

Watch: Apologetics by Matt Chandler


What do you think is the cause of suffering?

Are there any benefits in suffering?

What does Christianity say about Jesus and suffering?



Week Ten: Why did Jesus Come to Earth?  (19 minutes)

Watch:  Why Jesus? by David Nasser (Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?)



If Jesus is God, why was it important for him to come to Earth?