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Our school has recently purchased a school subscription for Kidblog.   Why Kidblog?  Kidblog offers our younger students a scaffolded online environment for writing and sharing their learning in a global and collaborative approach.


Kidblog provides teachers or parents with the tools to help students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship within a secure classroom blogging space. Teachers or parents can monitor all activity within their blogging community.


Kidblog offers a kid-friendly publishing experience suitable for any K-12 student. It helps students focus on what’s important by removing distractions so they can focus on writing. Teachers or parents can efficiently manage all posts and comments through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Kidblog gives students’ writing a meaningful purpose and an authentic audience. Students are motivated to write for their peers and engage with a global network. Teachers or parents moderate all content, so nothing goes live until the teacher or parent says so.


Re-imagine writing instruction. Built by teachers, for teachers, Kidblog’s platform is deeply rooted in the pedagogy of writing. Engage students in the process of pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, and commenting — Kidblog facilitates feedback and moderation at all stages.


Students using our HCOS kits will often see suggestions of ways in which they can present their learning in writing.  Kidblog is regularly recommended in our kits as a way to do that.

Teachers may also choose Kidblog as a secure site for their regular, weekly communications with their families and students.

Kidblog may also be used by parents!

1.  Parents Having Their Own Kidblog “Classroom”

Parents may start their own Kidblog, if they wish to monitor the student’s posts and moderate, as needed.  In this instance, the parent will join Kidblog via a teacher join-code. Using this code, they will sign up for their own account and be linked to our organization’s Kidblog site.  (For a join-code and helpful instructions, please email Beth Johnson.)

2.  Parents Visiting The Support Teacher’s Kidblog “Classroom”

a.  If parents are added as “Guests” to teachers’ classes in HCOS, depending on the class’ privacy settings, they will be able to view and comment on all students’ posts within the class. Individual teachers may invite parents into the class as guests.

b.  Parents added under the “Parent” role will be tied directly to their child’s student portfolio. This allows the parent to view all of their child’s posts from multiple classes (including year-over-year), but they will not be able to view posts made by other students in other classes. Students may invite their parents or guardians to view their portfolios via their Dashboard by entering the parent’s email. The parent will then receive an email with instructions to connect with their child.

For more information on the role of “Parents” and “Guests” in Kidblog, view the tutorial here:

Useful information for teachers and students

When starting with Kidblog, this “Getting Started” class is helpful:

Kidblog’s Help Centre has articles, class examples, and FAQ answers that may be helpful, as well:

In their blog posts and webinar sessions, Kidblog teachers share experiences, ideas, and tips for using Kidblog in the classroom.  You can view Kidblog’s own helpful blog here:

You can register for Kidblog webinars here:

Kidblog is working on creating and adding “How To” videos to their Help Centre and YouTube channel. You can access their YouTube channel here:

For parents to get their children started with this subscription, please contact your support teacher to add them, or Beth Johnson to set up your own site.  Your students do not have to belong to your support teacher’s classroom for you, as a parent, to have your own Kidblog account.

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