Kindergarten Current Overdrive Resources


Plants and Animals:

Learning About Plants

Learning About Animals

What is a Plant?

All About Insects

Animals are Sleeping

Animals in Fall

Baby Owl’s Rescue

The Barn Owls

The Burgess Animal Book for Children

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Insects


Humphrey The Lost Whale


Katy No Pocket

Little Red Bat

The Littlest Sled Dog

The Little Rabbit

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Over and Under the Snow


Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Salmon Forest

Three Little Beavers

Waiting for Whales

Wolf Spiders

The Pumpkin Book

Objects and Materials:

Comparing Materials

Building Things

Reducing and Recycling Waste

Changes in Environment and Surroundings:


The Reason for Seasons

The Seasons of the Year

The Four Seasons Unit Study

Social Studies

Community Roles and Responsibilities:

Our Community Thematic Unit

Crafts for Kids Learning About Community Workers

Local Environment and Caring for it:

Reducing and Recycling Waste

Needs and Wants:

Lily Learns about Needs and Wants

Need it or Want it


Always an Olivia


Canada, The People

Language Arts

Writing Adventure Stories

All About Me

Apples Unit Study Resources

Author Study Dr. Suess

Beginning Writers: How to Make Books with Children

Circus Unit Study

Color My World Unit Study

Fall Fun

Fall Unit Study Resources

Graphic Organizer Roundup

Harvest Theme Unit Study

How to Report on Books

Kindergarten Phonics Task Cards

Life in a Pond Unit Study

Literacy Safari Phonics Unit

Literature Pockets Folk Tales and Fairy Tales

Literature Pockets Nursery Rhymes

Mittens, Mittens, Mittens Unit Study

Modern Manuscript Handwriting Practice

The News Unit Study Resources

The Ocean Unit Study

Pirate Unit Study

Pirate Unit Study Resources

Rainforest Unit Study Resources

Spectrum Writing

Traditional Manuscript Handwriting Practice

Trains Unit Study Resources

The Ultimate Shape Book

Winter Fun Unit Study Resources

Writing Forms


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