Kindergarten Video Resources

Kindergarten Video Resources in Downloadable PDF

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Daily and Seasonal Changes

What is Weather? (BrainPop) (Stop the video when the weather lady begins talking about the weather in the United States).

Temperature (BrainPopjr.)

The Water Cycle (BrainPopjr.)

Seasons (BrainPopjr.)

Winter (BrainPopjr.)

Fall (BrainPopjr.)

Summer (BrainPopjr.)

Spring (BrainPopjr.)

Fall (Learn 360)

Spring (Learn 360)

Hibernation (BrainPopjr)

Migration (BrainPopjr)

Migration and Hibernation (Learn 360)

In the Small, Small Pond (Learn 360)

How They Live: Grizzly Bears (Learn 360)

Magical Mother Nature: The Four Seasons (Discovery Education) 

The Four Seasons (Discovery Education)


Interacting with Matter

Five Senses on BrainPopjr.

Describing Matter (Learn 360)

Changes in the Properties of Matter: Physical and Chemical (Discovery Education)

Investigating Changes: Observe and Make Predictions About Changes in Matter (Discovery Education)

TLC Elementary School: Introduction to Physical Science (Discovery Education)

Matter and Its Properties: Changes in Matter (Discovery Education)

Properties of Matter Part 1 (Discovery Education)

Properties of Matter Part 2 (Discovery Education)

Creation Celebration! (Rightnow Media)

Changing States of Matter (BrainPopjr.)

Physical and Chemical Changes (BrainPopjr.)

Matter Matters: Science & Me (Learn 360)

The Nature of Matter: Soaring into Science (Learn 360)

What’s the Matter: Science & Me (Learn 360)

Sink or Float (BrainPopjr.)


Motion of Objects

A Force, of Course: Science and Me (Learn 360)

Moving Things (Learn 360)

Sticky Songs: Singable Lessons about Physical Science: Moving Things (Discovery Education)

Paul the Penguin: Moving Things (Discovery Education)

Forces and Motion: Investigate Why Objects Move (Discovery Education)

Ping and Pong Learn about Energy and Forces (Discovery Education)

Sid the Science Kid: Sid’s Super Kick  (Discovery Education)

How Things Move (Discovery Education)

The Fixes: Friction (Discovery Education)

Sid the Science Kid: Slide to the Side (Discovery Education)

Pushes and Pulls (Brain Pop Jr.)

Sink or Float (Brain Pop Jr.)


Needs of Plants and Animals

Plant Life Cycle (BrainPopjr.)

Parts of a Plant (BrainPopjr.)

Needs and Wants (BrainPopjr.)

Living Things (Discovery Education)

What do Animals Need? (Discovery Education)

A First Look: Plants (Discovery Education)

Living and Non-Living Things (Discovery Education)

How Plants Grow (Discovery Education)

The Importance of Plants (Discovery Education)

Plants Can be Found Everywhere (Discovery Education)

How Plants Grow (Discovery Education)

Cycles in Living Things (Learn 360)

Plants (Learn 360)

Caring for Pets (BrainPopjr.)

Habitats: Home for Living Things (Discovery Education)

Reading Rainbow: The Salamander Room (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Once There was Tree (Learn 360)

Taking Care of Our Earth (Discovery Education)

Interactions of Living Things (Learn 360)

What Do Living Things Need (Learn 360)

Franklin’s Garden (Learn 360)

Arctic Habitats (BrainPopjr.)

Desert Habitats (BrainPopjr.)

Forests (BrainPopjr.)

Freshwater Habitats (BrainPopjr.)

Ocean Habitats (BrainPopjr.)

Rainforest (BrainPopjr.)

Camouflage (BrainPopjr.)

Deep Ocean Fish (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Is This a House for Hermit Crab? (Learn 360)

Adaptations (Learn 360)

Social Studies:



Why Communities Have Rules (Learn 360)

Exploring Communities: Rules and Laws (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Fox on the Job (Learn 360)

Why People in a Community Work (Learn 360)

The Country- Nature: My Neighborhood, My Community (Learn 360)

The Country- People: My Neighborhood, My Community (Learn 360)

The City- People: My Neighborhood, My Community (Learn 360)

The City- Nature: My Neighborhood, My Community (Learn 360)

The Suburbs- People: My Neighborhood, My Community (Learn 360)

How Communities are Alike and Different (Learn 360)

Communities: Around the World, Around the Corner (Learn 360)

Exploring Communities Long Ago (Learn 360)

Unity in Community – The Ant Show (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: The Carousel (Learn 360) (Focuses on family legacy)

Reading Rainbow: Amazing Grace (Learn 360) (Focuses on careers and following your heart)

Reading Rainbow: Barn Dance! (Learn 360) (Focuses on farming communities)

Reading Rainbow: Appelemando’s Dream (Learn 360) (Shows life in a small village)

Reading Rainbow: Bea and Mr. Jones (Learn 360) (Focuses on work and careers)

Reading Rainbow: Mr. George Baker (Learn 360) (Focuses on intergenerational relationships.)

Reading Rainbow: The Furry News (Learn 360) (Focuses on a newspaper run by animals)

Reading Rainbow: Tight Times (Learn 360) (Focuses on responsibility)

Reading Rainbow: Worksong (Learn 360) (Focuses on jobs people do)

Reading Rainbow: Is This a House for Hermit Crab (Learn 360) (Focuses on homes)

Reading Rainbow: I Lost My Tooth in Africa (Learn 360) (Focuses on communities and traditions)

Reading Rainbow: Little Nino’s Pizzeria (Learn 360) (Focuses on a family run business)

Let’s Celebrate 6 (Purim) (Learn 360)

Let’s Celebrate 2 (Nowruz) (Learn 360)

Let’s Celebrate 9 (Easter) (Learn 360)

Let’s Celebrate: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7, Part 8, Part 10, Part 11 (Learn 360)


Personal and Family History

Berenstain Bears: Family Get Together (Learn 360)

All About Families (Learn 360)

Ourselves: All About Me (Discovery Education)

A Kid’s Guide: Families (Discovery Education)

What is a Family? (Discovery Education)

We’re All Different (Learn 360)

Make Way for Ducklings (Learn 360)

Families of Canada by Eleanor Marquisee

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (Learn 360)

Franklin and the Baby (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Keep the Lights Burning Abbie (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: The Patchwork Quilt (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Show Way (Learn 360)

Global Wonders: Around the World (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Watch the Stars Come Out (Learn 360)

Rikki Tikki Tavi (Learn 360)

Franklin and the Family Treasure (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Ox-Cart Man (Learn 360)

Reading Rainbow: Galimoto (Learn 360)

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