Welcome to Learn360, the premier website for K-12 multimedia educational resources.

Students from all Heritage Schools may use this digital database.  HCOS enrolled students should go to the parent homepage in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources” on the top menu bar, and then scroll down to the “Shared Login” section for the username and password. For a passkey to set up a your own personal, parent account, parents should contact Beth Johnson.  This allows parents to bookmark favourite content, add documents, create playlists, etc.  Registered families should email Beth Johnson for the username and password to access the site.

Here is an 18-minute video to help you learn how to use the Learn360 site. Go to the Learn360 Support Centre for help with Getting Started and “How To” Tips.

Learning how to search this site is most important.  “Search Basics – Searching for Video Content” is a link to explain the basic search, advanced search and search by standards.  Going to the “Search by Standards” at the top of the page allows you to choose British Columbia Standards, Grade of choice, and Subject.  The results will show all the content on the site which is related to each of the standards in the new BC curriculum.

High-Quality Video for Grades Preschool to 12.

  • Stream & Download Video anytime, anywhere
  • Available in Flash, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player
  • 11,000+ Full Videos
  • 38,000+ Video Clips
  • 5,800+ Short Videos, Newsreels, and Speeches
  • Audio, Audiobooks, Music Tracks, Sound Effects, & Speeches
  • Images
  • Articles & Timelines
  • Statistical, Geographic and Historical Maps
  • Science Experiments & Diagrams
  • Math Activities & Fact Sheets

Learn360 has great non-video resources too:

Non-video resources Learn360

Acclaimed Partners & Producers include:

A&E, History Channel, National Geographic, Reading Rainbow, Scholastic, Destination Education, BBC, Sunburst Media and more..

Award-Winning Programs

  • Modern Marvels
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Math Mastery
  • Berenstain Bears
  • Holiday Facts & Fun
  • Planet Echo
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • AutoBGood
  • Man, Moment, Machine
  • This Day In History
  • Common Core Math
  • BBC News
  • Franklin
  • Tellytales
  • Megamaths
  • Magic School Bus (Audiobooks)
  • Little Human Planet
  • Hollywood Film Clips for Character Education
  • Wonders of the Universe
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Real World Science
  • Biography

Here is a list with Grade levels for a variety of the series on Learn 360.

Learn360 content is correlated to BC provincial outcomes.


Here is how to browse the site by content.


Image Enhancements!

  • Newly Added Images: Visual learners will delight in the 1,000+ images just added to Learn360, mainly in the areas of history and science. These images are easily accessible by searching. Black-and-white maps have also been added, including state, country, and historic maps.
  • New “Download” option for images: Simply click on the Download page tool below the image.
  • New “Enlarge Image” link: It’s easy to get a closer view of an image by clicking on the “Enlarge Image,” when available.

You may contact your teacher or Beth Johnson for more information about this subscription.

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