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Teaching science can be challenging and trying different curriculum can be costly. The Learning Commons has many excellent resources for various grades. Below is a sample of some of the items we have available. To find our resources in the library catalogue, go to the Topic Search tab and then choose:
500 Natural Sciences/Mathematics, which is broken down into sub-topics. ie. General science books are in 500, Astronomy is 520.
Books on the body are also found in 600 Technology, sub-topic 610 Medical Science, Medicine.


Science Readers and Teacher Editions for grades 1 through 5. The Reader is colorful and engaging!

We have a number of books by Jeannie Fulbright that are very informative and you can download student booklets from her website:

Exploring creation: with human anatomy and physiology
Exploring creation with astronomy
Exploring creation with botany
Exploring creation with zoology 1: flying creatures of the fifth day
Oceans and Aquatic Animals Unit Study: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

The biblically based “God’s Design” series was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers!
Elementary and middle schoolers will love the exciting, easy-to-understand, and easily taught lessons in the God’s Design textbooks by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. All twelve books in the God’s Design series are very comprehensive, richly illustrated, and cover material that is often left out of other curricula. You’ll love the flexibility of this popular series, which is designed to be used with students ranging from first through eighth grade … all at the same time!

Best of all, God’s Design textbooks help you teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us. Using the God’s Design curriculum from AiG will help strengthen your student’s faith by showing how science consistently supports the Bible’s written record. Students will learn to think critically and logically examine arguments presented by all sides in the creation/evolution debate.

Dr. Ruth W. Keller – Real Science- 4-Kids
Many kids – and the majority of homeschool teachers – find science to be one of the most difficult subjects to teach and to learn. Real Science-4-Kids makes it easy through our unique Building Block approach which allows your child to start with the basics of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology in the first grade and then build on that foundation. Just like building a house, these learning blocks help your child’s knowledge expand exponentially.

Biology: Level 1
Chemistry: Level I
Physics: Level I
Teacher’s Manual: Chemistry, Biology, Physics: Level I

Christian Kids Explore Biology
This user-friendly, unabashedly Christian, one-year science curriculum for elementary students includes teaching lessons, gorgeous coloring pages, hands-on time, memorization lists, review sheets, creative writing assignments, and an awesome supplemental book list! Written for 3rd through 6th graders, it can easily be scaled down for younger students, making this an excellent choice for teaching all your elementary-aged kids together. The schedule of 35 weekly lessons calls for teaching twice weekly, allowing a family time for projects, exploration of resource books, field trips, etc. The conversational style gives students the basic information they need, making this an ideal first course in life science; especially useful for those following a classical approach!

Science for Grades 8 – 12:

Matter and Motion – Grade 8
Biology – Grade 10
Apologia –

Apologia Science publishes award-winning, creation-based science textbooks whose goal is to inspire an appreciation for science and a passion for learning. Our academically rigorous, college preparatory books are written in an easy-to-understand, conversational tone directly to the student, unburdening the parents from the burden of direct instruction. Ideal for those who love science and those who aren’t so sure, our Jr. and Sr. High science texts make comprehension easy, education solid, and God’s work in Creation clear.
Advanced Chemistry in Creation
Exploring creation with biology
Exploring creation with general science
Exploring creation with physical science
Exploring creation with Physics : Multimedia companion CD
The Human body: fearfully and wonderfully made!

We also have unit study kits and many more resources available. We have creates specific searches for kits and subjects in the 001 Resources Topic Search. Spend some time in the Topic Searches and you will find a treasure of resources!

Visit our How to Use the Library page for tutorials and general information:

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