Literacy Centre

Students, parents and teachers at HCS love to read!  Find out what they are reading by joining a book club, sharing a book review, or participating in a read-a-thon.  Literacy and discipleship based education are our primary goals at HCS learning commons.  So encourage your students to become literate with digital and non-digital media.

To join our learning commons student book club, grades 6-8, run by Pippa go here.  Pippa will help your students learn how to write book reviews, collaborate prayerfully online, and learn some new technology at the same time.

To join our GPP Book clubs for grades 8/9 please contact Kathy Kanda

To join our adult book club please add your name to our ning group.  You will need to be a ning member before joining this group.  If you are not a member please contact Pippa Davies for your invite.  This year we are reading Almost Christian and the book club will start on the 7th of January and run through January 2013 – March 2013.  Feel free to join any time in January.  There are several informal book clubs on the ning so be sure to check them out!

To write a book review please complete the following form here.

To suggest a new item for our library go here.

To find some suggested reading materials go here.

To join our Read-a-thon 2013 go here.

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