MakerEd/STEAM Resources for your Family

MakerEd resources in Overdrive Digital Library

Minecraft and Art Gr. 4 – 7


MakerEd Resources in L4U Physical Library

Go to Topic search, click on 001 and find MakerEd resources for families.  Teachers need to contact Shandra Wiebe to book classroom sets.

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Kits and Components 

Not all of these resources are available in our learning commons.  This is a suggested list for your purchase or loan from our commons.  Notes are added if we have the items in our commons.

Arduino (Available in the Learning Commons via L4U for individual families and teacher kits)

BarePaint – Conductive Paint


Breakout EDU (available in our L4U for Learning Camps and Community Connections)

Circuit Scribe (available in our Learning Commons for in-house use and for loan)

Cubelets (available in our Learning Commons for teacher kits and individual usage)


Happy Atoms  (available shortly in L4U)

Hummingbird Robotics


Keva Planks (full set available in our Learning Commons for in-house use and Keva BrainBuilders junior set for loan to individualized students via L4U)

Knex Kits (available in our Learning Commons via L4U and classroom sets)

Lego Education – including Lego Mindstorms (Middle grades and up) and We-do (primary grades) available for Learning Camps and Community Connections and the Lego Mindstorms NXT available for individual loans.

Light Up Tesla kit (Available in L4U) Middle grades.


Little Bits (available Learning Camps and Community Connections)

Makey Makey (available in our Learning Commons for individual loans and classroom usage)


Microbit (available for community connections, teachers and individual loans to families in L4U) Contact Shandra Wiebe for classroom set.

My Creation Crate

Ozobots robotics

Pocket Labs (coming soon for Learning Camps and Community Connections)

Podpi coding lessons and comic book creation. (Javascript)

Raspberry Pi

Snap Circuits Junior available for loan to families.

Sphero robotics

Squishy Circuits (available in our Learning Commons for loan to individual families)

Tecknikio Components

Tynker subscription. (coding) Contact your teacher.

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Pinterest Boards for Project Ideas

Art and Mathematics

Art and Science

Hour of Code

MakerEd/STEAM Elementary

MakerEd/STEAM Middle School

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Scoop It! Sites for Project Based Learning

21st Century Techie Tools

Apps in the 21st Century

Inquiry and Project Based Learning


Math Rules for Fun

Science Activities

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