March 18th is the Anniversary of the First Space Walk


The first space walk was on March 18th, 1965 by a Russian cosmonaut named Alexey Leonov. You can read about it here, or watch a very short video here. We thought that it would be a great idea in the Learning Commons to help you explore your own “final frontier” with these awesome titles on Space in Overdrive!


Space by Nick Hunter

This title teaches readers about the first brave, but sometimes ill-informed, explorers who ventured into outer space. Read all about the rocket ships, space shuttles, and the living things that pioneered the zone outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

100 Facts Space

100 Facts: Space by Belinda Gallager

Discover everything you need to know about space with this brilliant book! One hundred facts, fantastic illustrations and hilarious cartoons give you the inside story on the many wonders of the world, while fun quizzes test your knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Space Frontier

Space Frontiers by Pat Ward

This book explores the universe, solar system, sun, and more. A scientific approach to problem solving is included.

Amazing Solar System Projects

Amazing Solar System Projects You Can Build Yourself by Delano Lopez

Amazing Solar System Projects You Can Build Yourself introduces readers ages 9 and up to the basic elements of the solar system with over 25 hands-on building projects and activities. Readers learn about the sun, the planets and their moons, meteors and comets, and the amazing tools that astronomers and astronauts have used to study the solar system over the years.
Amazing Solar System Projects You Can Build Yourself provides detailed step-by-step instructions and diagrams for creating the projects, which include making a greenhouse to see what happens on Venus and constructing a model of the phases of the moon to demonstrate why the moon has phases. Fascinating facts, anecdotes, biographies, and trivia are interspersed with the fun projects to teach readers all about the solar system.

Exploring the Solar System

Exploring the Solar System by Amanda Doering Tourville

Learn about how physics, math, and science work together to help us understand our solar system and beyond.

Discover! The Solar System

Discover! The Solar System by Norma O’Toole

The activities in this book explain elementary concepts in the study of the solar system, including orbits, the sun, the moon and moon phases, planets, seasons, and day and night. General background information, suggested activities, questions for discussion, and answers are included. Encourage students to keep completed pages in a folder or notebook for further reference and review.

Magic School Bus in the Solar System

Magic School Bus – Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole

This is a funny story about a frizzy haired school teacher and her inqusitive class as they embark on a space journey while riding a yellow school bus

Flat Stanley Stanley in Space

Flat Stanley: Stanley in Space by Jeff Brown

A Far-out adventure!

The President of the United States has chosen Stanley Lambchop and his family to become the first humans to fly in the Star Scout, a new top-secret spaceship.

Stanley’s most exciting adventure is about to begin. He’ll meet the Queen of England, have a birthday party in outer space, and save a whole planet of aliens from danger. Oh, that Stanley!

Space Ace

Super Ace and the Space Traffic Jam by Cheryl Crouch

Space hero Super Ace is called to planet Joop to fix a galactic space traffic jam. He and Sidekick Ned can’t even get to the planet because there are wrecks everywhere. Super Ace tries to use his super powers (strength and good looks) to clear the traffic and get everyone moving again, but his attempts only make the situation worse. Ned uses his God-given wisdom to solve the traffic problem. The galactic space stop light is flashing every colour of the rainbow, so space ship drivers don’t know if they should go, slow down, or stop. He knows people have to follow the rules to be safe. Ned fixes the light and the drivers stop crashing. This level-two I Can Read book uses engaging characters and a simple plot to build children’s confidence as they discover the joy of reading independently.

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