Math 8 Shape and Space Unit Study



Resources needed for this Kit:

Math Unit Study Grade 8 Space and Shape Guide

Student Worksheets for Grade 8 Math Unit

Answer Key for all Worksheets

Jenga blocks (game)

Set of mini geosolids (Right Start Math)

You may want to use a set of 3D Pentominoes for Day 3 of Week 2 or if that is not possible there is a link in the guide for a downlodable guide.

Math 8 Outcomes Covered in this Resource Kit:

Shape and Space (Measurement)

draw and construct nets for 3-D objects
determine the surface area of right rectangular prisms, right triangular prisms, and right cylinders to solve problems
develop and apply formulas for determining the volume of right prisms and right cylinders

Shape and Space (3-D Objects and 2-D shapes)

draw and interpret top, front, and side views of 3-D objects composed of right rectangular prisms
demonstrate an understanding of tessellation by explaining the properties of shapes that make tessellating possible, creating tessellations , and identifying tessellations in the environment

General Outline:

This kit is designed to use over five weeks, with four lessons per week. There are some enrichment activities that have not been included in those four lessons per week.

Week 1: Nets for 3-D objects

Week 2: Draw and Interpret front, side and top views of 3-D objects composed of right rectangular prisms

Week 3: Surface area of Right Rectangular Prisms, right triangular prisms and right cylinders

Week 4: Formulas for volume of right prisms and cylinders

Week 5: Tesselations

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