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RightStart Math

Grade Five Content

RightStart Math Level D 1st Edition

Content is fully covered

  • Multiples are studied extensively. Lesson 3 has student review ALL multiples. Most lessons for the remainder of level D have the student review multiples during warm-up (as they were expected to be learn them during level C).
  • Reading and writing numbers to 1 million. Lesson 64 – 1000s cubes are built. Lesson 70 introduces working with numbers larger than 4 digits (including millions). Lesson 68 – reviewing the 1000s cube & rep. numbers to millions. Lesson 69 reading/writing large numbers etc
  • Place value lesson 40-41 – Place value is reviewed up to the 1000s place. Lesson 64 – manipulatives are used, once again, to review place value as students explore larger numbers (up to and including millions). is reviewed

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Content is fully covered

  • Lessons 14-23: studying fractions as they apply to time, money, liquid measures, musical notes. Fraction charts are used to visualize the fractions and equivalent fractions are always discussed.
Content is partially covered
  • addition and subtraction of decimals to thousandths – Lesson 112ff: Non-unit fractions, Fractions equalling 1, Fraction War game, fraction line. Understands fractions as a type of division. Decimals are not taught formally in level D.
  • Decimals are not formally taught, yet, although dollar amounts (into hundreds and thousands of dollars) are added, subtracted and multiplied (with decimals) frequently and consistently throughout levels B-D.

Content is fully covered

  • This was mastered in Level C. In level D, students continue to review addition strategies (lesson 6). Subtraction strategies are reviewed in lesson 34. Games and activities build on these skills throughout level D.

Content is fully covered

  • Students should know all of their multiplication facts by the end of level D.

Content is fully covered

  • Students begin solving two-step problems in Level C. Part-whole circles are used to visualize the problem and instead of “n” or “x.” Students have been practicing equations with an “unknown” (usually represented by a “___”) since Level B.

Content is fully covered

  • Area is thoroughly investigated throughout levels B,C,D. Volume is introduced using 1 cm cubes.

Content is fully covered

  • Students learn to measure time from Level A up. See previous grades.

Content is fully covered

Content is fully covered

Statistics and Probability are studied in Levels E and “A Hands-On Geometric Approach”

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