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RightStart Math

Grade One Content

RightStart Math Level A 1st Edition

Content is fully covered

  • Skip Counting -counts by 2s to 20, 5s to 100, 10s to 100
  • Sequencing numbers to 20 – represents #s to 100 on an abacus, with tally sticks, place value cards
  • Subitizing – students are strongly encouraged to recognize quantities without counting throughout the program
  • Base 10 – base 10 foundations are reinforced with abacus continuously
  • 10 and some more – knows, for example, 37 as 3-ten 7 / this is studied constantly throughout

Content is fully covered

  • Decomposing 10 into parts – the first addition facts learned are all of the set that make ten ie 2+8,3+7 – games are played until these are mastered
  • Numbers to 10 can be arranged and recognized. – base 10 foundation is reinforced with abacus continuously
Content is partially covered
  • Decomposing 20 into parts – part/whole circles are used to discuss addition all through the program – simple equations and problem-solving
  • making 10 1 “Knows number combinations equal to 10 (ie 2+8, 3+7) to the point of memorization from repeated lessons and many games to reinforce.
  • Addition and subtraction are related 1 knows subtraction as missing addend or separating (part-whole circle)
  • Whole-class number talks
  • Mental math strategies:
  • Counting on – This strategy is not favored in this program, but many strategies are introduced in Level B. In Level A, the “strategy” is to visualize the abacus and figure out the sums mentally. First, the student is taught a rhyme that reinforces the visual help of the abacus. The song/rhyme “Yellow is the Sun” teaches 5+1 up to 5+5). After that, the abacus is used to visualize other addition facts from 2+8 up to 9+1.
  • Doubles
Content is partially covered
  • Identifying sorting rules – sorting geometric shapes/matching/order by size/bead cards sorted by number/ordering rectangles by size and more
  • patterns using visuals (ten-frames, hundred charts)
  • Investigating numerical patterns (e.g., skip-counting by 2s or 5s on a hundred chart) – made a hundreds chart and studied patterns/relationships
  • Repeating patterns with multiple elements/attributes – patterning on geoboard L20,
  • Translating patterns from one representation to another (e.g., an orange blue pattern could be translated to a circle square pattern)
  • Letter coding of pattern
  • Predicting an element in repeating patterns using a variety of strategies – 70,60,50__ and 5,6,7__

Content is fully covered

  • A math balance is used to think about equality – student writes equations during these activities

Content is fully covered

  • Non-uniform units are not consistent in size (e.g., children’s hands, pencils); uniform units are consistent in size e.g., interlocking cubes, standard paper clips). – measuring with body parts, and objects like tiles and paper clips – discussion of the need for consistent size measurer
  • Using multiple copies of a unit – tiles/paperclips

Content is fully covered

  • Comparing 2D shapes and 3D objects in the environment – Geometric solids handled and studied including sphere, cylinder, rectangular prism, cone etc … Objects in the environment compared to shapes and discussed.
  • Replicating composite 2D shapes and 3D objects (e.g., putting two triangles together to make a square) – making an octagon out of two squares/folding shapes in half: circles, semicircles, octagons, hexagons, pentagons, trapezoids

Content is fully covered

  • Creating, describing, and comparing concrete graphs – created a graph to show how many colored tiles of various colors/same graph work continued in subsequent lessons

Supplementation required – suggestions coming soon

Content is partially covered
  • Pennies, nickels, and dimes are studied in Level A. Quarters are studied as well, in Level B.

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