RightStart Math

Grade Seven Content

Using Level F 2nd Edition

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Lesson 3: Review Subtraction Strategies

Lesson 4: Review Multiplication Strategies

Lesson 5: Review the Math Balance

Lesson 6: Review Division Strategies

Lesson 7: Review Finding Remainders

Lesson 8: Remainders on the Math Balance

Lesson 9: Review Short Division

Lesson 10: Review Remainders after Dividing by Nine

Lesson 11: Review Introducing Check Numbers

Lesson 12: Review Using Check Numbers

Lesson 13: Review Multivides

Lesson 14: Order of Operations

Lesson 15: Making Expressions

Lesson 20: Multiplying and Dividing by Tens

Lesson 21: Dividing with a Horizontal Line

Lesson 25: Two-Digit Multivides

Lesson 33: Review Multiplying by Two Digits

Lesson 34: Dividing by Divisors Greater Than Ten

Lesson 36: Multiplying Tenths by Whole Numbers

Lesson 47: Short Division to Long Division

Lesson 48: Trial Quotients in Long Division

Lesson 49: Enrichment Expanding Short Division

Lesson 50: Checking Division

Lesson 51: Remainder Forms after Dividing

Lesson 52: Long Division Problems

Lesson 53: More Long Division Problems

Lesson 24: Tenths and Hundredths

Lesson 25: Thousandths

Lesson 26: Adding with Decimals

Lesson 27: Subtracting with Decimals

Lesson 28: Averaging

Lesson 29: More Averaging

Lesson 30: Rounding Decimals

Lesson 31: Rounding and Comparing Decimals

Lesson 37: Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers

Lesson 38: Multiplying Tenths by Tenths

Lesson 39: Multiplying Hundredths

Lesson 40: Dividing by Tenths

Lesson 41: Dividing by Hundredths

Lesson 42: Dividing Decimals

Lesson 122: Analyzing Patterns

Lesson 123: Finding Cities on a Map

Lesson 124: Introducing Coordinate Systems

Lesson 125: Negative Coordinates

Lesson 128: Making Equations on the Math Balance

Lesson 129: Solving for Unknowns on the Math Balance

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Lesson 73: Introduction to Volume

Lesson 74: Volume of Prisms

Lesson 75: Volume of Geometric Solids

Lesson 76: Volumes in Other Units

Lesson 77: Volume Problems

Lesson 126: Cartesian Coordinate System

Lesson 127: Graphing Equations

Content is partially covered:

  • Lesson 143: Scaling a Figure

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Lesson 122: Analyzing Patterns

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Curricular Competencies


Strongly addressed throughout, particularly in the “Review and Games” sections (11 in total)

Strongly addressed throughout, including strategies for identifying errors

Lesson 2: Review Mental Adding

Supplementation required –  suggestions coming soon




Strongly addressed throughout

Supplementation required –  suggestions coming soon