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///RightStart Math Grade Six Correlations
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RightStart Math

Grade Six Content

RightStart Math Level E 1st Edition

Content is partially covered
  • Introduction to millions (32). Students can read and write numbers to 99 million. Billions is not introduced until “Geometric Approach” (next level).

Content is fully covered

  • Students know all of their multiplication facts by the end of level D. Mental mathematics strategies are used to develop this knowledge.

Content is fully covered

Content is fully covered

Supplementation required – suggestions coming soon

Content is fully covered

  • Working with x and y-axis
  • (Lesson 97)
  • Lesson 97 – multiplying and rounding decimals and graphing results to see increasing patterns. Lesson 107 – finding perimeter and area and studying patterns in a completed table. Lesson 115 – making pie charts and studying pie charts and tables to solve problems.

Content is fully covered

  • Perimeter is reviewed in Level D.

Content is fully covered

Content is fully covered

Content is fully covered

  • Lessons 100ff – triangles (6 different terms), polygons, quadrilaterals, pyramids.

Content is fully covered

Content is fully covered

Content is partially covered
  • Making change and counting money has been studied and practiced extensively through all levels. Level E – Lesson 22 – fractions of a dollar. Lesson 60-63: Gasoline prices, tax returns, sales tax. No budgeting.

Curricular Competencies

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