Mathematics Grades 10 – 12

This page covers all grad resources for Mathematics.


Individualized and Hybrid Math Gr. 10 – 12 Recommended Resource Options

Through the draft curriculum for Grades 10–12, teachers will be able to provide a variety of choices for students. The curriculum is designed to support the range of learning environments, program models, and school structures in secondary schools across British Columbia. The draft curriculum includes the same curricular features as the K–9 curriculum (i.e., Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies, and Content).

The Grade 10 curriculum consists of two courses: Foundations and Pre-Calculus, and Workplace Mathematics. At Grades 11–12, students may choose from a variety of courses to build a comprehensive program based on their interests and strengths. Grade 11 includes Pre-calculus, Foundations, and Workplace Mathematics. Grade 12 includes Pre-Calculus, Foundations, and Apprenticeship. Courses in Geometry, Statistics, History of Mathematics, and Calculus can be implemented across Grades 11–12. Courses in Computer Science are also available for Grades 11 and 12; these were designed as a co-operative effort of the Mathematics and ADST curriculum teams.


Math web links may be found here.



Discovery Education Streaming

The Discovery Education streaming site includes Math Overviews: create pre-lesson or remediation activities with Math Overviews. These provide easy-to-understand instructional support for students in grades 3-12. Math Explanations: Access thousands of assets that provide self-paced tutoring on topics directly tied to Math Overviews.

Discovery Education Series Offered   This page is an overview of the series offered by Discovery Education by both subject and grade.  Scroll down to Mathematics in the left column and look for Gr. 10-12 in the right column.



Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12.  There are over 400 Gizmos aligned to the latest learning standards and are an inquiry-based approach to learning that has been validated by extensive research as a highly effective way to build conceptual understanding.

To access your Gizmos subscription, choose “Curriculum Resources” on the parent Encom home page, then scroll down to find the link for Gizmos.



IXL Math

This site gives the opportunity to practise and review the basic math facts.



There are many Learn360 series available, including:  The Calculus Tutor Series (17-part series); Pre-Algebra Tutor Series (21-part series); Advanced Algebra Tutor (13-part series); The Algebra Word Problem Tutor Series (12-part series); Probability & Statistics Tutor ( 14-part series); Binary: Chalk Talk; Math in Technology; Real Numbers & the Number Line:  Pre-Algebra Tutor Series; X-Power – Denial – Expressions; Adding & Subtracting Matrices:  Matrix Algebra Tutor Series; Introduction to Math in Technology.

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