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Welcome to the HCS Mentor and Protege Page!

You might be asking, what is a mentor?

The definition of a mentor is someone who is older than yourself, who is experienced or has more wisdom in how things are done at HCS or ACOS schools.  We are looking for grade 10-12 students who are perhaps already in a leadership position, or who might be interested in becoming a mentor for a newer grade 8 or 9 student.

What is required from a Mentor?

A sense of humour, good listening skills, good techie/digital citizenship skills, and a heart to disciple a younger student. You will be mentoring students via chat on NING, Skype or email or sometimes in physical locations if close to your protege.

Benefits?  You can also add this to your resume.  If you decide to use as a course option you can choose between 2 and 4 credits as an individualized course.

What is a protege?

A grade 8 or 9 student who is mentored by an older student.

What is required from a protege?

An ability to listen and engage with an older student and share their needs related to school, techie issues, social needs, prayer etc.  Mentoring someone does not mean tutoring.

Benefits:  Learning from someone older how things are done at HCOS along with some trusted advice from a big brother or sister.

Read the Mentor-ship Course Overview For more information.

If you are interested of have any questions please contact one of the Group Leaders:

Mrs. Davies –

Erin Duncan –

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