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Mentor and Protégé Program Elective Course 2015/2016

11 A (2 credits/60 hours) or 11 B (4 credits/120 hours)

Teacher: Pippa Davies / Erin Duncan, Moderator on Ning and Forums

This Mentorship program is an opportunity for the older and younger students in our school to team up to learn together. The course is split up unto two parts, Mentors and Protégés.

Mentors: Grade 10-12 students will be paired up with a Grade 8-9 student and help them learn as they transition into the high school learning system. Providing a support, be it personal or educational in this transition time. From this course the mentors will gain Mentoring experience, volunteer hours and optional credits.

Protégés: Grade 8-9. This is a great opportunity to have someone that is already using the High school system that they can ask questions of as well as gain both wisdom and encouragement.

Course Goals: This individualized course is intended to create a sense of responsibility and leadership in students who are hoping to pursue leadership principles in their vocation.  The hope is that students will gain a deeper understanding of their weaknesses and gifts, and strength in Christ.

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