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It’s time to be a maker! Being a ‘maker’ is to be innovative and creative. It is hands on learning , doing project work that is collaborative and fun.

Last semester HCOS students had a chance to learn about coding using Lego mazes,’Microbits’ and Lego Wedo. They were able to research and design their own catapults and build their own cardboard arcade games inspired by Cain’s Arcade Cardboard challenge. This semester the themes are a mixture of STEAM based activities using both technology and art.

If any of your grade 3-6 students are interested please email Justine Dehod at to register or if you have any queries.


Themes and dates for Maker-Ed Sessions this semester:


January 25th 2018: Animation Lego and mixed media.

February 22nd 2018: Makey Makey + Lunchbox conductors!

March 15th 2018: Tunnel Books- For the Love of the Classics!

April 19th 2018: Robotic Coding+ Programming.

May 24th 2018: Google Cardboard! ( Please bring an iphone).

June 7th 2018: Self Portraits+ Chatterpix + Quiver!

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All sessions are held at Heritage Christian School’s Learning Common’s Library on 907 Badke Road, Kelowna from 1:30pm- 3:30pm ( unless otherwise stated).