Mystery Science:  New Features


Mystery Science has added a great new feature called “Storylines” to help teachers (and parents) with inquiry-based learning.  The unit storylines show how each investigation leads to a new question, which leads to a new investigation, which leads to a new question, etc.

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Planning Guide

Mystery Science also has a “Planning Guide” to support teachers (and parents) who want to teach a year’s worth of mysteries.  Remember, the units can be done in any order you like, but the mysteries within the unit should be done in sequence as they build one on another.

Supply List Calculator

Teachers (and parents) can now visit the “Supply List Calculator” to find a list of all the supplies which will be needed for a mystery, a unit, or a full school year.  You can just enter your grade level and the number of students in your class. The supply calculator generates the list you need for:

  • Purchasing supplies—a supply list for a whole 2019-20 school year.
  • Organizing supplies—a list sorted by unit. Download as a .pdf, or share a spreadsheet with parents so they can bring in supplies. (thinking of Learning Groups and Co-ops)
  • Prepping supplies—a list sorted by Mystery.
Supply List Calculator

For Parents

Mystery Science is just one of the many amazing subscriptions available to you, free, as parents with enrolled students in HCOS.  (Mystery Science is geared to students in Grades K-5.)  You may search the list of mysteries and request that your support teacher send you a link, good for 10 days of study, to the mystery of your choice.  If you want to have your own access to all the mysteries in the site, you may purchase a membership in Mystery Science through the purchasing department.  If you wait, each spring and back-to-school/August, the site offers discounts on Homeschool Memberships.  Mystery Science Pricing

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