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BC Resources

Unit Study in L4U (login first)

This Resource Kit was designed specifically to meet the B.C. Education Learning Outcomes for grade 5 Social Studies – Natural Resources of B.C.  In particular, topics covered are in the areas of Skills and Processes of Social Studies and Environment. This unit also covers the grade 5 science outcomes – Renewable and Non-renewable Resources.

Included in this unit to be returned:

  1. Natural Resources Parent Guide with clickable links
  2. BC, Its Land, Mineral and Water Resources by Sandy Frances Duncan
  3. Our Resources  (Scholastic) – Molly Falconer, Editor. (There are many hands-on activities in this book that can replace activities in this unit.)
  4. British Columbia Land and People by Bill MacDonald & Apple Press (This is a consumable workbook – an option that adds pencil/paper activities, but can be omitted.  Please do not write in the copy we have included.  You may order your own copy from Cornerstone Learning or most other homeschool supply stores.)
  5. Connections Canada by Daniel Francis & Oxford University Press. (If you can’t find this book, make sure you have Our Resources)
  6. Transparency and Provincial Economic Maps (13)

Other Resources you will need:

  • The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream, by Joanna Cole.

If you enjoy historical fiction we suggest reading one of the following novels.  These novels are readily available at many libraries.

  • The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Spear.  This historical fiction covers how the First Nations Peoples respect and use resources.
  • Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder– this historical fiction novel covers topics such as the use of resources and historic harvesting practices.





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