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The Needs of Plants and Animals


Needs of Plants and Animals Kindergarten Parent Guide (for New Outcomes)

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Note: you are only able to borrow three books at a time from the HCOS digital library. Consider running off the pages you will need from one of the ScienceWorks books, returning it and then borrowing Pigs by Robert Munsch.

The ScienceWorks for Kids Series: Learning About Animals (Evan­Moor Publishers)

The ScienceWorks for Kids Series: Learning About Plants (Evan­Moor Publishers)

The Science of Living Things: What is a Plant? (By Bobbie Kalman)

Pigs (By Robert Munsch)

Online Resources:


National Geographic Kids

BBC Bitesize United Kingdom

Additional Information:

Prior to beginning this unit with your child you may wish to purchase marigold, bean or other easy to grow seeds for planting. You may also wish to visit a local garden store to purchase some small planter size starter plants so your child has the opportunity to experience caring for a plant and watching it grow and change over the duration of the unit. I recommend using this unit in the spring as it will enable you to complete activities with greater ease.

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