There are several places you can network and connect at HCS Learning commons. 

You can contact us on our Contact page.

You can share with us on the Ning, via forum, email, chat, or blog.  Please see the Ning Connecting page to find out how to connect and the rules for joining.

You can join us on Twitter.  Follow us @PippaDavies, @PaulKellyBC, Natalie Sing @BChomeschoolmom  Steve Cox @soccer_guy12

You can share your blog, with Pippa to add to the website or follow us on our blogs.  See Blog page and below.

You can contact us via email.

Pippa Davies Teacher Librarian:   Blog  Pippa’sHCOSBlog

Natalie Sing Curriculum Consultant:  Blog TrueNorth

Shandra Wiebe, Resource Tech administrator:

Janet Rainbow HCOS administrator:

Paul Kelly, High School administrator HCS campus school:  Blog Eduglean

Steve Cox, Elementary School administrator HCS campus school: Blog AnAppleFortheTeacher

You can also share with our community on the Flat Stanley wiki and join in the fun of creating pen pals or connecting with another class/student around the world.

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