We have added some great new resources in L4U (Library for you)!


The new BC Science Connections 8 and 9 provide current, relevant, and rigorous content

that stresses science process skill development, mastery of knowledge outcomes, and the connections between science, technology, society, and the environment.

STEM Resources:

STEM, Grade 1 (Applying the Standards)

Applying the Standards: STEM for grade 1 offers 64 pages of highly engaging STEM tasks. It includes a problem-solving rubric and guided pages that walk students through completing each step of the STEM process. First graders will complete tasks in areas such as measurement, flight physics, food chemistry, sound, and the geometry of structures.

We have also added: STEM, Grade 2 (Applying the Standards) and Stepping into STEM Grade 4. Search by:  Series = Maker Ed for the whole series. 


The World Book Natural Marvels Series 
Natural Marvels takes readers around the globe to explore exceptional land features created by such forces as erosion and volcanic activity. Carefully written text breaks down sometimes complex processes into more easily understood segments. Arresting photography captures the attention of readers while revealing the often beautiful results of these forces at work. Readers will stare down into the depths of canyons, up to the peaks of still-growing mountains, and almost feel the spray from crashing waterfalls as they learn what causes these dramatic land forms.

Search by:  Series = Natural Marvels

Draw Canada And Greenland by Draeger, Kristin

Geography is essential to a child’s education. And basic to that study is a simple outline ofprovinces, countries and continents. In Draw Canada and Greenland I have tried to give students an easy introduction to committing the map of Canada and Greenland to memory. Through simple, step-by-step instructions, students learn to draw each province and territory as they connect to their neighbors and, with a little practice, will be able to draw Canada and Greenland as a whole.

Digital and information literacy Six book Series:

Music and video streaming by Mooney, Carla

Smart machines and the Internet of things by Nagelhout, Ryan.

Research project success using digital tools by Michalski, Pete

Web-based digital presentations by Daniels, Leonard

Virtual reality  by Rauf, Don

Strategic searches using digital tools by Towne, Isobel

Search by:  Series = Digital and information literacy