Micro:bits Courses from Tynker

Tynker’s latest courses are geared to learning to use micro:bits.  The micro:bit is a tiny, microcomputer with programmable LEDs, light, and temperature sensors, physical connection pins, motion sensors, and wireless communication via radio and Bluetooth.

Using a combination of interactive lessons, concept explanations, videos, puzzles, quizzes, and DIY projects, this course teaches students to write block coding programs and then deploy the code to the micro:bit wirelessly. Students can use code to program physical buttons, display messages on the micro:bit, animate the LEDs, simulate dice and coin flips, and detect gestures and shakes.

The introductory micro:bits course is recommended for students who are just starting to get familiar with block programming.  It is supported online as well as on an iPad through the Tynker app.

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Help Videos in Tynker

Tynker is our main coding and programming subscription for HCOS individualized students.  It offers actual courses in many areas, allowing students to begin by using block coding, a simple way to enter the programming world.  This helps students in one area of ADST learning.  Students as young as kindergarten can begin with the Pre-Reader course, and students as old as high school can use the upper level courses.

Tynker has a great help section for students who want to learn how to use the site.  The screenshots below will show you some of what is available!


To view some fun stories of present-day ‘Makers’, go to the Tynker blog and choose “Maker Stories” from the menu along the top.  Or perhaps you’d like to read about women who have made a difference in the computer world.  Just scroll down that main page on the right side to find stories about “Women in STEM”.

Tynker YouTube Videos

Tynker has free trainings via their YouTube channel, which are available to anyone (students, parents, teachers) wanting to know how the site works.

Tynker YouTube Channel