New Physical Unit Studies Gr. 7 & 8

We are pleased to announce that the updated Grade 7 Ancient Egypt and Ancient 280px-egypt-giza-sphinx-01Greece Unit studies are now available!

New books and great activities await!

For Grade 8 we have:

Plate Tectonics Unit Study Gr. 8 KIT 551 PLAplate

1. Plate Tectonics and Disasters by Tom Greve
2. What is the Theory of Plate Tectonics? by Craig Saunders
3. Geology by Barbara Woyt
4. The Geology Book by Dr. John D. Morris
5. Unit Guide

What is the theory of plate tectonics?  Learn about earthquakes, volcanoes and geological formations.

Kinetic molecular and Atomic Theory Gr. 8  KIT 539 KINatoms

  1. Atoms and Molecules by Tracy Nelson Maurer
  2. Investigating the Chemistry of Atoms by Elizabeth Cregan
  3. Atoms and Molecules by Nigel Saunders
  4. What is Atomic Theory? Adam Mclean
  5. Molecular kit containing: balls: 30 white , 15 black, 10 red, 4 blue, 8 green, 2 orange, 3 yellow, 4 purple, 4 grey, 2 dark blue, 2 dark purple; Bonds: 55 short clear, 8 short white, 55 grey, 22 blue, 1 remover tool
  6. Unit Guide

In this fascinating unit readers will discover some of the basics of physics, including matter, atomic yheory, alchemy, electrons, neutrons, protons, nucleus, and radioactivity. They will learn how particles move in different states and how atomic theory provides evidence for the existence of atoms and molecules.

Cells Unit Study Gr. 8  KIT 612 CEL

  1. What is Cell Theory? by Marina Cohen
  2. Vaccine Innovators by S. Wood
  3. Superbugs by John DiConsiglio
  4. Plague and Pandemic Alert! by Julie Karner
  5. Cells: How are Living Things Built? by Marina Cohen
  6. Wonder of the Cell – Creation Library Series DVD
  7. Unit Guide

cellFrom insects to elephants, every living thing on this planet is made up of cells, the tiny building blocks of plant and animal life. Each cell is alive-and each has work to do! What do cells look like? How do millions and billions of cells work together to form one plant, one animal, or one human being?

These unit studies are available in two formats: Digital, using Overdrive resources,  and Physical in L4U.  To find them, log in to L4U, go to Topic Search, then click on the Grade Icon:

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