New Physical Kits Hit the Shelves!

The new Grade 9 Electricity Unit Study is now available for booking!  This great kit includes an equipment pack to make it even better!

Summary Note
Electricity is extraordinary, and all around us! It may be hard to believe, but human beings have only harnessed electrical power for approximately 250 years–a short time in the span of humanity’s existence! In this unit you will gain a deeper understanding of electricity through building and designing your own working circuits. You will then have opportunities to take on the role of engineer and construct, design, theorize, and develop new and existing technologies in unique and exciting ways as you repair power grids or design a self-sustaining dome environment! This unit is designed to be completed over 7 weeks. Throughout the unit, students will have the opportunity to watch videos, read books, explore interactive exhibits, and design their own project.
Extra Copies Added
Due to the popularity of some kits, we have added more copies to these titles:
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