NING Contests 2017/2018

The HCOS LC and NING are enthusiastic about creating a community for fellowship among our students and families. One of the fun things that we do is run contests throughout the year. Most of these contest will be open for Grades 5-12 with the contest pages hosted on the NING. NING is only open to Students Grades 8-12. However, families with students Grades 5-7 can create a family account so that they may still take part in the contests. I hope that you enjoy and are blessed by being a part of our HCOS LC and NING Community.

Planned contests for 2017/2018:

  • Break the Ice Bingo: This is a fun one to help break the ice and get to know the other students at the start of the school year. You will have a scavenger sheet full of items that you have to find (ie, find someone in your grade or that is your age) and mark their name down on that Box. Each person can only be named in one box. There will be a random draw for a gift card price from all of the people that show me their completed sheet. This contest traditionally runs September-November
  • Photo Contest: Traditionally this is one of the most popular contests. Students will be given the opportunity to submit up to three photos that fit the theme of the contest (in 2016/2017 the theme was “God’s Provision in the Winter”). It is always amazing to see student talent! This contest traditionally runs November-January
  • Read-A-Thon: The LC runs a Read-A-Thon for both HCS and HCOS. Indulge in your passion for reading and win fun prizes. This contest traditionally runs January-February
  • Talent Show: HCS Blended commons has many students blessed with some amazing talents! Students have an opportunity to show off their talents by entering our talent show. This contest traditionally runs February-April
  • Poetry Contest: Traditionally this is one of the most popular contest. Students will be given the opportunity to submit a poem or written word that fits the theme of the contest (in 2016/2017 the theme was “Springtime and Hope”). This contest traditionally runs April-May
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