Ning Social Networking Gr. 8 – 12

Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons Ning


As many of you have probably heard from your teachers, we have been sending out invites to parents and students in our community via support teachers, to join our Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons Ning. We hope you are you excited about collaborating:)

Go To Ning

How to Set Up My Page on Ning

Social Networking Rules Document

‘A Ning’ you may ask is what? I like the dictionary meaning: ‘To bring together like-minded people who share the same passion!’ Our goal is to create a space and voice for discipleship based education and collaboration. Students and parents are encouraged to start groups, join groups and fellowship with the Heritage community. You may see community events posted, hear Sherri reading in our learning commons, discuss with others on forums, learn about technology from our teen geek squad, or just connect with friends and your support teacher.
If you teacher has not sent you the invite, please email one of the following people to get your invite:

Erin Duncan and Pippa Davies, at HCOS
Paul Kelly if you are from the HCS community.

Here is the link to our ning. Bookmark this to your favourites!
We ask that you read some of the social networking guidelines on our Ning or learning commons interface so that you can help your teenagers (13 and up) when they decide to join in the new year.

Please note there are several Ning tutorials on our Ning site, for those of you who need extra help.

Here is a blurb on why social networking is important for our teens.

Ryan Johnston (HCOS teacher)
I have a strong passion for encouraging youth to use social media safely, positively and constructively. The new HCOS learning commons is a great opportunity to disciple students on developing a healthy and Christ focused online presence.

1) The Value of Social Media: It is easy to look at the potential pitfalls of the internet and attempt to avoid it altogether. However, social media is such a powerful tool that this approach would cause people to miss out on great opportunities. Social media can be used to further a business or promote a candidate for a potential job. Even more importantly, social media can be an agent for social change–as we have recently seen in Egypt, Libya and many other nations.

2) All of Social Media is a Public Domain: Although it is true that privacy settings and closed groups do offer a small amount of protection, the reality is there are almost always ways around these protections. It is important to be thoughtful before posting information or pictures and to be vigilant at removing content you do not want public. It is important to realise that future employers, future friends, and even your future in-laws will have access to information posted on social media today. It is wise to use the grandma principle “am I comfortable with my grandma reading/viewing this?”

3) Protect Your Identity: There are people using the internet for nefarious intents. It is important to protect key pieces of information like the information used by banks to grant loans. Passwords should be changed frequently and should not be shared.

We pray that you will be blessed by our HCS Ning, and we look forward to collaborating with you there. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Pippa, Erin, Paul, and the Learning Commons Team.

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