NoveList Book Lists and Search

NoveList is our EBSCOhost book database.  Students, parents and teachers may use it to find book titles by author, keyword, title, etc.  The NoveList database will search its rich collection of titles, BookTalks, Recommended Reads and more.  They have a new feature now, called “Grab and Go Book Lists”, which have around 20 books in each, to provide you with good reading potential.

1. If you are wanting a list of books on a particular topic, NoveList can help you there.  In the search bar, type your topic, E.g. STEM Fiction

and click on “search”.

  • If the menu that pops up includes “Lists & Articles”, choose that and NoveList will produce a list of books for you:

  • If you are interested in getting a series, or all the books by a particular author, then choose “series” or “authors” from that same menu.

2.  If you are wanting to search for a particular Lexile level of books, a particular grade range, or books by a Canadian author, go to the “Advanced Search” at the top (directly under the search bar):

Then type in your search topic, and scroll down the list of options to choose from such things as:

  • Lexile Range
  • Author’s Nationality
  • Author’s Cultural Identity
  • Age Range
  • Grade Level
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction

This is just one of the amazing subscriptions offered to HCOS students without charge.  You can find the subscriptions, usernames and passwords by logging in to the Search Portal.

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