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RightNow Media is looking ahead to Easter in one month (April 21st).  The holiday channel on RightNow Media provides a number of Easter videos including content for kids and studies related to Easter.  Scroll down the navigation on the left side of the RightNow Media page and you will see “Holidays”.  That’s a great way to find Easter studies, Easter videos, Kids’ Easter Series and Easter Week Family Devotionals.

That is just one of many, many resources that are available to you through RightNow Media.  Did you know they have upgraded and added a RightNow Media app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store?  Did you know there is now “Audio Mode”, which will allow you to listen, even if you aren’t able to be watching a video?  Did you know that RightNow Media now allows “Picture-in-Picture”, so you can continue playing the audio while you move to another screen (e.g. to take notes, journal or follow a Leader’s 


For teachers who want ACSI credit, did you know that you can now take ACSI courses for credit through our RightNow Media site?

All these and more will be covered in the RightNow Media webinar with their representative, Jim Foss, on Tuesday, February 26th at 1:00 p.m. PST.  Please join us to learn about new and upcoming series, tools and simulcast events, along with details of the app use and ACSI courses.  It will be time well spent!

RightNow Media Webinar

Visit the RightNow Media Site
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After homeschooling my 3 children for a total of 11 years, I am excited to have the opportunity to support HCOS families in their homeschooling endeavours. My work centres around subscriptions these days and and I am happy to answer questions, many questions, from our HCOS families and staff.

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