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Access Online Databases/Subscriptions2015-06-26T18:23:21+00:00

To access your online database/subscriptions username and password please log in to your parent home page in Encom for the list.  Choose the “curriculum resources” link on the menu Curriculum Resources Link in Encom
and scroll down below the info about ordering curriculum. You will find the links for ordering subscriptions which require a payment from your curriculum budget, as well as all the links, usernames and passwords for the other subscriptions offered by HCOS. It’s a great resource! (Teachers, this is available to you under Curriculum Resources in your Encom teacher site, as well.)

Please note these are secure passwords,  and should not be shared with anyone outside of our school.  If you have questions, please contact Beth Johnson.  To make a suggestion for a new database/curriculum please contact Pippa Davies.

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