Optics Digital Kit – Grade 8

Optics Digital Kit Guide

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:
Please note that you are only able to check out three digital titles at a time. You will want to check out Light by Britannica Educational Publishing as one of your first books, complete the readings and return it in order to check out Light, Reflection & Refraction. To learn more about the different types of digital PDF resources, and how to download them the help page has excellent instructions.

Optics Grade 8 Digital Kit Guide

Light, Reflection & Refraction by Evan-Moor Publishing

Step-by-Step Experiments with Light and Vision by Ryan Jacobson

Light by Britannica Educational Publishing–Michael Anderson

Light and Colour by Barbara R. Sandall

A Project Guide to Light and Optics by Colleen Kessler

Online Resources:

Discovery Education

Learn 360

Bible Gateway

Additional Information:

Discovery Education and Learn 360 have passwords. You will need to email your child’s teacher for the login information for both sites.

In this guide you will find a table with a summary of the reading for each day. After the table you will find detailed day plans with links, videos, activities, and discussion questions.

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