Passport to the Internet

Passport to the Internet is a MediaSmarts resource, which allows students in Grades 4-8 to test their “internet savvy” and learn how to improve their safety on the internet.  This interactive tutorial teaches students the critical thinking skills they need to apply to their online experiences, including online safety, authenticating online information, recognizing online marketing ploys, protecting their privacy, managing online relationships and dealing with cyberbullying.

Welcome to Internet Station

A student signs in by typing in a name, choosing an age level (primary or middle school), choosing an avatar to represent them, and arrives at the welcome screen above.

Passport to the Internet Station

At this internet station (above), the student chooses one of the tutorials in the “station” to learn more.

MyFace Page on internet

For example, the ticket booth could take them to a “MyFace” page, at which they learn how much information is safe to share on the internet.  The student fills in the various answers, then the program evaluates what they said, explaining the assessment.  Another chance to set up the “MyFace” page is offered.  The assessment is given on the screen, as well as read aloud to the student.

Web Cafe

At the “Web Cafe”, the student sees various “website names” and chooses whether they look like safe sites to access, according to its description.  If the student does well, he gets a chance to continue, or has the option to go to the next tutorial.

Web Cafe Results Screen

This is a fun, interactive program, and would give opportunity for parents to discuss internet safety with their students.

There is no charge for HCOS students using this program.  Please go to the parent home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources” and scroll down to find the login information.

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