Passport to the Internet

Passport to the Internet is a site at which students in Grades 4-8 can test their “internet savvy” and learn how to improve their safety when moving around the internet.

Welcome to Internet Station

A student signs in by typing in a name, choosing an age level (primary or middle school), choosing an avatar to represent them, and arrives at the welcome screen above.

Passport to the Internet Station

At this internet station (above), the student chooses one of the sites in the “station” to learn more.

MyFace Page on internet

For example, the ticket booth will take them to a “MyFace” page, at which they learn how much information is safe to give out when going onto the internet.  The student fills in the various answers, then the site evaluates the safety of what they gave, explaining the assessment.  Another chance to set up the page is offered.  The assessment is given on the screen, as well as read to the student.

Web Cafe

At the “Web Cafe”, the student sees various “sites” and chooses whether they look like safe sites to access, according to what the was written in the search bar above.  If the student does well, he gets a chance to continue, or to go to the next site.

Web Cafe Results Screen

This is a fun interactive site and would give opportunity for parents to discuss internet safety with their students.

There is no cost for using this site.

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