Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next

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Pebble Go Video Tour

Pebble Go is designed for students in the K-3 age group while Pebble Go Next is for students in gr3-6.  PebbleGo contains databases on animals, biographies, social studies and science:  life science, physical science, earth & space, technology and engineering .  Your students will enjoy researching with :

–Predictable layouts

–Expertly leveled text

–Easy to use

–Read-aloud navigation

–Articles with audio and highlighting

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Articles, educational games, and multimedia
  • Citation support
  • First report template
  • Visual searching

Within each article your student may find and be able to :

–Watch a Citation lesson

–Report template / Share what you know

–Print articles

–Print photos / Label photos

-Play games

There is also an iPad, Android app which allows your primary student to find information and save it easily.

Correlations for Pebble Go:

Pebble Go Correlation Kindergarten-Grade 2 with BC Ed Plan

To access please log in with your username and password at this website below. 

 Further information may be found in this tutorial.


PebbleGo Educator Video Tutorial

PebbleGo Professional Development Tutorial Video

PebbleGo Student Tutorial Video

Note:  This Student Tutorial Video would be very helpful for children wanting to use the website.

PebbleGo Video Tour Take 3.mp4

Pebble Go Next

Pebble Go Next is a science database and the next step for research for students in grades 3-6.

Each PebbleGo Next database includes:

Linked to downloadable questions to encourage critical thinking
Read-aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists for every article!
Carefully connected to curriculum topics

Games and questions to get students engaged in learning.

Video content on each learning strand.
Designed with the grades 3-6 researcher in mind

Lesson plans are integrated to ISTE and other international science standards.

Canadian Correlations:

Grade 3
Ecosystems – Covered in Life in an Ecosystem under Life Science
Particles – covered in Atoms under Matter in Physical Science
Thermal Energy – covered in Thermal Energy under Energy in Physical Science
Land Changes (Landforms and Erosion) – covered in Geosphere – landforms don’t appear to be directly covered – but erosion and weathering are covered in the Erosion and Weathering section

Grade 4
Interdependency and adaptations of organisms – covered in Life Science under Plants and Animals as well as in Life in an Ecosystem
Matter – solids, liquids, gases – effect of heat – Covered in Physical Science under Matter and Properties of Matter and States of Matter
Energy – 10 forms of energy, conservation, transformation – covered in Physical Science under Energy
Tides – Effect of moon and sun on the earth – Covered in Earth Science under Atmosphere and Weather and Climate and Stars in the Solar System under The Moon and The Sun

Grade 5
Digestive, excretory, respiratory and circulatory systems – covered in Life Science under Human Anatomy under Human Body Systems and Organs
Solutions – not directly covered
Machines – simple and complex – not covered
Natural Resources including the Rock Cycle – Covered in Earth Science under the Geosphere and Rock Cycle and Natural Resources

Grade 6
Musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive and hormonal systems – covered in Life Science under Human Anatomy under Human Body Systems and Organs
Mixtures – not directly covered
Laws of motion – gravity balanced and unbalanced forces – Covered in Physical Science under Forces and Motion
Space – Extreme Environment – Space is covered under Earth Science and Planets and the Solar System this includes a unit on Space Exploration to tie in the Extreme Environment standards

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