So You Think You Can Photograph Contest: 2018/2019

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Theme: Reflection & Reflecting

re·flect (rəˈflekt) - verb
1. (off a surface or body) throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it. "the snow reflects light"
2. to think deeply or carefully about something

For this contest, you can choose to focus on either definition of "reflect". This could be a reflection of something on a surface (i.e., when trees and mountains are seen as a reflection on the surface of a lake).  Or you could portray something that you are reflecting on (i.e., you might take a picture of a rainbow and reflect on God's promise to not totally flood the earth again) as long as you tell us what the photo represents as a reflection in the description.


(This contest is open to all Grades. You can submit up to 3 pictures in this contest)

soutez-fb-final-ENG-layersThe photo must be taken by you. You may use photos you have already taken, but we greatly encourage you to go out and create new photos. The photo can not have been entered in a previous HCOS Photo Contest. If there are people other than yourself in the photo, you must have their permission to enter the photo in the contest.

Along with your photo, we need:

  • A description of the image (what is happening in the photo and why it fits the theme)
  • What camera you took the photo with (and what lens if you used one)
  • Your Name
  • Your Grade (so that we know what age category to judge you in)

Voting & Judging:

VOTE on your favourite pictures by hitting the "Vote/Like" button. The winner(s) will be chosen by our Judges but your votes will be taken into consideration when choices are being made.

- Even if you do not enter a photo, you can still vote for the photos that you like! Everyone appreciates the encouragement when you show them that you like their work.

The images will be judged on:

  1. Fitting the Theme
  2. Creativity
  3. Composition
  4. Skill level
  5. Is the image crisp or clear?
  6. Is the focus adjusted appropriately?
  7. Lighting

Participants: There is a minimum participant cap on this contest. If for whatever reason, we receive less than 10 entries to this contest before the closing date the contest will be cancelled. So tell your friends to join the fun!!

NOTE: I just wanted to give you a hint that we are looking for more creative images than a "basic selfie in a mirror". Please know that this disclaimer speaks to levels of creativity, not the use of mirrors. You are welcome to use a mirror in your shot as they can create some fun effects.

 I Look forward to seeing the images that you create and capture! Have fun!