Physical and Health Education Gr. 10 – 12

This page covers all grad resources for Physical and Health Education.




To find the login information for HCOS subscriptions, please choose “Curriculum Resources” on your parent’s homepage in Encom, the school computer system.  Scroll down the Resources listed until you find the subscription of your choice. is the CBC and CBC Radio site for research and reference.  To search for PE and Health Education, go to “Categories”, Choose “Health”, then “Health Education” or “Physical Education and Sports”.


Alternatively, choose “Resources”, then “Curricula”, “British Columbia”bc-ed-plan-curriculum-for-arts-in-curio_ca

and “Physical and Health Education”.  That brings you to “Physical Education and Health 10 to 12”.  Choosing the see-related-content-imageicon  brings you to many other programs, and allows for filtering by category, subject, language, age group, media type and closed captioning (or not).

Discovery Education

By using the search bar at the top of the Discovery Education Streaming site, students can filter for grade initially.  The search for “physical education” takes one to sites discussing education, as well.discovery-ed-search-pe

Choosing the “Advanced Search” (under the general search bar) offers the choice of subject, at the very bottom of the options, and the possibility to choose “health”.  de-health-options

Under “health” you can find the physical and health education topics listed in the screenshot.


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