Arrrgh, Matey! Bookaneer Read-A-Thon 2017


If you missed it, we hope you’ll join us next time!  We had another successful Read-a-thon with 128 students participating! Each class winner received a $20 Amazon Gift Card and the Top Readers received a $50 Amazon gift card!  Congratulations to the winners for the most minutes read in their class or category. 

Hear Ye and Beware!


The Bookaneer Read-a-thon will be upon ye soon!

Join th’ Treasurer Hunt! Disco’er yer very own booty, concealed within wee tomes.

Ya lily livered scallywag!

Sail ho! All thee treasures a sea faring bookaneer could wish for and more! A chest full of fine books, fiction and nonfiction to please even thee most particular of pirates.

The goal this voyage be t’ encourage yer student t’ read books that explore non-fiction interests or a hidden booty i.e. yer passion or hobbies, or questions ye be havin’ about th’ world. Or maybe you are a pirate on the yonder sea looking for booty!

Yo-ho-ho! This galleon sets sail Jan. 16th and comes itc1nto port Friday, Feb. 3rd. Everyone’s a winner! Thee special booty will be divvied up on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017.

Share your treasure! This year we be sharin’ on social media via thee HCOS land lubber Facebook page, Twitter and Ning. We be thankin’ you t’ add a picture of yer favorite book or a selfie with yer book, Share to thee hashtag:  #HCSBookaneers2017

Follow Pippa @PippaDavies    Shandra @ShandraWiebe

tcmap1Visit the themed list or reading lists which tie into the new learning standards in B.C. for suggestions. (These are not required reading.)

Themed Resources

Reading Lists

Students may choose fiction or non-fiction themes.  See this article for ideas.  There are also books on treasure and pirates on our Overdrive e library for your older and younger students to enjoy.  Just search under the keyword ‘pirate’.

Activities t’ do, jus’ fer fun!

Here be link t’ a Gentleman o’ fortune Journal

Crafts and Games!Ya swabbie!

Which Scalliwags can be joinin’ this Treasure hunt ?


All ye Mateys in grades K-12. If ye be a Kindergartener, yer older folk can read t’ ye. Ye may also listen t’ audio books.

Minimum requirements t’ qualify fer th’ prize draws be:

Kindergarten– 380 min total (recommended 20 minutes per day)
Grade 1 & 2–475 min total (recommended 25 minutes per day)
Grade 3 & 4–570 min total (recommended 30 minutes per day)
Grade 5-7–760 min total – (recommended 40 minutes per day)
Grade 8+– 1140 min total  (recommended 1 hour/day)

Plunder and Booty!

Amazon Gift Certificates $50 (x2):tc2

  • One for the highest reading score in for Grade 8 -12
  • One for the highest reading score in Elementary K-7

$20 Amazon Gift Certificates

  • Highest reading scores for each class of Grades K-7
  • Highest reading score for Grades 8+ combined
    There will be one Random Prize draw open to everyone who completes the minimum reading requirements – Kobo E Reader!
  • Winners cannot win fer both top reader o’ class an’ highest overall score Winners from previous voyage be nay eligible t’ win Grand Prize/top class prize two voyages in a row, but be still eligible fer other prizes. Well shave me belly with a rusty razor! All students will receive a Read-A-Thon Certificate from the’r teacher when voyage be over. Let yer scalliwag teacher know  yer readin’ goals an’ treasure found (achievements), so they can congratulate ye on yer efforts. Ya bilge rat!


  • Winners cannot win for both top reader of class and highest overall score
  • Winners from previous year are not eligible to win Grand Prize/top class prize two years in a row, but are still eligible for other prizes.

All students will receive a Read-A-Thon Certificate from their teacher after completion. Please notify your teacher with your reading goals as well as completion achievements, so they can congratulate you on your efforts.

This year we are trending on Twitter, Ning and the school Facebook pages with the following hashtag:  #hcsreads2016.  Pippa and Shandra will be encouraging you with cheerleading tweets!  Twitter handles:  @PippaDavies @ShandraWiebe

If you have any questions, please forward them to or

Forms and Resources

Please register your students. For SE and LS students, please include their goals for the readathon requirements.

Register: Here

    Tracking Minutes:
  • To track minutes for each day, use the readathon_scoring_2017 sheet. This form is for your use only; submission not required.
  • Required: Once the Read-A-Thon is over, fill in the Minutes Completed form. (Not accepting responses until Feb. 3rd.) Deadline to submit minutes is February 7th, 2017.

 Social Media!

This year we are encouraging all our patrons to tweet out your favourite reads, goals and titles so we can encourage you on Twitter and Facebook.  Share to the hashtag #HCSBookaneers2017 on the HCOS school Facebook page, Ning or on Twitter.


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