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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a detective and solve mysteries?  Now’s your chance!  During this read-a-thon, your mission is to unlockgirld the mysteries as you read all sorts of books.  

So, what is a mystery? A mystery is something that is not easy to explain at first and needs some detective work to find the answer. This includes things like puzzles, riddles and problems.  Whenever you ask a question you don’t know the answer to, that’s a mystery you want to solve!

You may be asking yourself, “so what kinds of books should I read?”  Your first mystery!

sherThis is a great question because you have so many options!  For non-fiction, you can read books on topics you have questions about or want to learn more about like coding, robotics or where to find a red-lipped bat fish! red

We also have many fiction mystery novels for you to choose from. You can read books you have at home or from other libraries as well!


Visit the themed list, reading lists and Overdrive lists:

Themed Resources

Reading Lists

On Overdrive click under Subjects -> Mystery and Suspense.  ohno

In L4U search the word “mystery” to find a great selection of books like the Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Cam Jansen, Encyclopedia Brown and many more!dream

And here is a list of Non Fiction Books in L4U.



Who can participate?

All students in grades K-12. If you are in Kindergarten, your parents can read to you. Students in any grade may also listen to audio books.

Dates:  Monday, January 22nd to Friday, February 9th.

Submit your reading minutes by February 15th using the online form.new

Share your mystery! Share on social media via the HCOS  Facebook page.

Minimum requirements to qualify for the prize draws:

Kindergarten– 380 min total (recommended 20 minutes per day)

Grade 1 & 2–475 min total (recommended 25 minutes per day)

Grade 3 & 4–570 min total (recommended 30 minutes per day)

Grade 5-7–760 min total – (recommended 40 minutes per day)

Grade 8+– 1140 min total  (recommended 1 hour/day)


Amazon Gift Certificates $50 (x2):

  • One for the highest reading score in for Grade 8 -12five
  • One for the highest reading score in Elementary K-7

$20 Amazon Gift Certificates

  • Highest reading scores for each class of Grades K-7
  • Highest reading score for Grades 8+ combined

thunThere will be one Random Prize draw open to everyone who completes the minimum reading requirements – Kobo E Reader!

  • Winners cannot win for both top reader of class and highest overall score
  • Winners from previous year are not eligible to win Grand Prize/top class prize two years in a row, but are still eligible for the Random prize draw.

All students will receive a Read-A-Thon Certificate from their teacher after completion. Please notify your teacher with your reading goals as well as completion achievements, so they can congratulate you on your efforts.

If you have any questions, please forward them to pdavies@onlineschool.ca or swiebe@onlineschool.ca

Forms and Resources            

Please register your students. For SE and LS students, please include their goals for the adareadathon requirements.

Register: Here


Tracking Minutes:

  • To track minutes for each day, use the Student reading log sheet. This form is for your use only; submission not required.
  • Required: Once the Read-A-Thon is over, fill in the Minutes Completed Tally form. (Not accepting responses until Feb.9th) Deadline to submit minutes is February 15th, 2018.



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