Reproduction Unit Study Kit Guide – Grade 9

/Reproduction Unit Study Kit Guide – Grade 9
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Reproduction Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

Materials in kitto be returned to HCOS:

Amazing DNA by Rebecca John

All About Mitosis and Meiosis by Elizabeth Cregan

Learning About DNA Science Activity Book by Debbie Routh

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made DVD

Cloning, Stem Cells, and the Value of Life featuring Mike Riddle

Reproduction Parent Guide Grade 9 and student pages are available in the L4U library record.

 Other books available from HCOS library  (I’ve not previewed the DVDs)

Genetics by Lynnette Brent Sandvold (Big Ideas in Science)  written for Gr 3-6 but still applicable

The Usborne Introduction to Genes and DNA by Anna Claybourne

Cutting Through the Spin DVD by Tadeusz Pacholczyk

The Mystery of Our Declining Genes DVD

Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 “Daughters of Noah” DVD (I’ve not previewed this one)

Lyrical Life Science by Doug. C. Eldon

Bibliography for Reproduction Kit

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