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At Heritage Christian Online School we believe that every graduate should be critical, ethical users and producers of information.  Our hope is to equip our learners with tools to help them become ‘information literate’, and ethical, digital citizens.  We encourage our students to follow the mission of our school which is to ” bring students into a discipleship relationship with Jesus as their Master. This can only be done as students grow and develop in their understanding of His Word, their participation in ongoing discipleship and seeing the cultural context in which they have been called to live as a Christian.”

At all times we encourage students to use the Internet wisely; with filters, advanced Google, and academic databases.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”  Psalm 119:109

What is a Research Project?

A research project or paper can be a formal presentation/paper or media presentation including video/audio/poster.  To find out the digital literacy expectations for research go to this page which shares suggestions for grades 10-12.

Why research?  Researching is a life skill.  In today’s economy we need to know how to seek and find information that is pertinent to our work or study.  We also need to be able to evaluate our resources/sites and publish our work citing accurately.  We all need to know how to make good decisions when it comes to purchasing our first car or deciding which book to read.  Information fluency is the ability to assess, evaluate, use and synthesize information to communicate our own opinion or hypothesis.  As we grow as researchers we also develop a means for effective writing, asking valid questions and organizing our information so that it flows in a sequential method, allowing for iterations along the way.


To understand more about the research process I highly recommend students learning more about the Big Six Research approach. Here is a guide for the writing process from Big Six.   Once students understand this approach they can help plan out their projects using this guideline template.

To hear Pippa share on the research process and recommended databases/apps you can watch this research webinar.  Pippa shares some websites to be evaluated for accuracy/validity/currency/purpose in the video. Keep in mind that many websites come from a particular bias.   Here are the links.

WorldView? What is your worldview?  Watch this video from RightNowMedia to understand why worldview is important in your research process.

Evaluate advertisements from the Ad Forum for persuasive language and use of literary and video techniques.  Discuss your emotions after viewing before interpreting.

  • This video  from Professor Rome’s channel outlines the evaluation process well including the citation and paraphrasing process.
  • Follow this comprehensive  lesson plan on Website Evaluation from ReadWriteThink gr 9-12.
  • Middle grades can follow this Internet research lesson plan from ReadWriteThink.
  • At the end of the research process complete this form to self reflect and check to see how to improve.

Notetaking Apps

Some students may prefer to still write using pen and paper and index cards for note taking.  Other students enjoy digital tools.  Here are some of my favourite apps for note taking:

Evernote:  Great for taking notes, clipping web pages and recording audio.  All devices.

Microsoft One Note:  Organizing thoughts, to do lists.  All devices.

Google Keep:  Collecting images, drafting documents and creating checklists.

Apple Notes:  Free on Apple devices

SimpleNote:  Free on all devices


Read and watch this plagiarism tutorial from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Complete this plagiarism quizz to understand the importance of plagiarism.

Then complete your understanding with this quizz.

Further links to plagiarism tools go here.


Why cite?  Read this article to understand the importance of citation.  High school students should know how to cite according to the MLA standards.  Watch this video from Professor Rome’s channel to find out why high school students need MLA formatted papers.

EBSCOhost and World Book both offer free citation tools built in when you research. You can also use My Folder for storing links and notes. Log in to your parent’s home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources”, then scroll down to find the username and password of all the subscriptions we offer without cost to our HCOS students.

BibMe is a free citation tool, as is Citation Machine.

Further links to citation tools go here.

OverDrive eBook resources on Research.  Please log in to OverDrive with your passwords to access these:

Researching in a Digital World by Eric Palmer

Research Writing Rewired by Dawn M Reed

Conducting Research Projects Common Core

Project Based Learning Tasks – Middle School


Log in to your parent’s home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources”, then scroll down to find the username and password of all the subscriptions we offer without cost to our HCOS students.


For a description of all the subscriptions we offer, go to subscriptions.  For further information, please go to the grade resource pages E.g. for K-9 go to resources.





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