Research Skills and Digital Citizenship Resources

Lifelong learning includes developing skills to meet 21st century learning requirements.  These skills encompass more than understanding mere facts, they require gathering of data using different tools, analyzing the data and interpreting the data using critical thinking and reasoning.  As students develop their own worldview it will allow them to seek, recognize systems, patterns and themes and will allow them to defend their arguments.  They will also learn how to apply and adapt many strategies to solve complex problems.  Using clear communication skills they will be able to explore and express their ideas using multiple media, the arts and technology.  This will allow them to participate within their own community and a wider, more global context.

To help you get started we have three new digital citizenship kits now available which will teach your students some digital citizenship skills and online safety.

K-2 Digital Citizenship and Bullying Kit.

Gr 3-5 Digital Citizenship  and Bullying Kit

Gr 6-9 Digital Citizenship and Bullying Kit

Pippa has compiled some more resources for you below.  These resources will help with teaching your students digital citizenship, privacy matters, online safety and creating a personal learning network.

For High School Research Skills go to this page.

For Middle School Research Skills go to this page.

For Primary School Research Skills go to this page.



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