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**We have a Unit Study Planning Sheet available to help you with your planning of units. You can refer to Shandra’s article for more assistance in unit study planning.**

Unit Study Kits for 2016/2017 New Outcomes

Indigenous People of Canada Grade 3 cover

Indigenous People of Canada (using Overdrive Resources)

Indigenous People of Canada Physical Unit Study Kit (using L4U resources)

Grade 3 Indigenous People Cover 510x680

Indigenous People Around the World (Digital Unit Study Kit using Overdrive Resources)

Indigenous People Around the World (Physical Unit Study Kit using L4U Resources)

All Matter is made of Particles Cover

All Matter is Particles (Digital Unit Study using Overdrive Resources)

All Matter is Made of Particles Physical Unit Study Kit (Using L4U Resources)

Biodiversity and Ecosystems Grade 3 Cover

Biodiversity and Ecosystems (using Overdrive Resources)

Biodiversity and Ecosystems Physical Unit Study Kit (using L4U Resources)

Landforms and Erosion Grade 3 Cover

Landforms and Erosion (Digital Kit using Overdrive resources)

Landforms and Erosion Physical Unit Study Kit (using L4U resources)

Thermal Energy Grade 3 Cover

Thermal Energy (using Overdrive resources)

Thermal Energy Physical Unit Study Kit (using L4U resources)

Digital Citizenship and Bullying K-3 Digital Kit

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Digital Kit (K-3)

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Physical Kit (K-3)

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