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There are many books and resources available that cover a wide range of topics, or interest levels, but have a low enough vocabulary content to make reading them more accessible to everyone. This style of book is available for students from kindergarten to high school grades.

Detailed Hi/Lo Search Options In Sora

If you have used Sora, chances are good that you have searched for a book. Many people are unaware that there is an advanced search option, easily accessible, that can be used to search for Hi/Lo (and other) topics to meet students’ specific needs.

Step 1

Open the search option and click on the advanced search button in the middle of the screen.

Step 2

There is a list of search criteria that can be used to find the best fit for individual students. For Hi/Lo topics, ‘Intrest Levels’, ‘Lexile Score’, and ‘Text Difficulty’ are good criteria to use.

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Subscriptions: Hi/Lo Content

Many of our Subscriptions offer this type of resource. To find the logins for the subscriptions listed below, go to our Search Portal and choose “Subscriptions” from the main menu.


In the advanced search option of NoveList you can specify content based on age range and lexile range to fit the needs of individual students. This will allow you to view a range of topics available at the reading level that the student needs.



BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr offer students a learning environment where they can discover new information through simple, clear explanations, meaningful images, and fun, catchy animation.  They naturally begin building knowledge by remembering and understanding. High-interest, informational texts extend understanding of a topic and support key reading strategies.


Discovery Ed

Search for a topic of interest. In the search mode a menu of options will appear on the left side of the screen. You can then scroll down to the ‘Lexile Score’ option and choose the range to fit the students’ needs to refine your search.

Discovery Ed

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