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SAS® Curriculum Pathways

SAS® Curriculum Pathways provides web-based American curriculum resources in all core disciplines, accessible via single sign-on through a variety of learning management systems. Increase student achievement and enhance teacher effectiveness with their proven tools, resources and apps – free of charge for K-12 and beyond.

SAS Subject List

This resource includes simulations, multimedia resources, innovative tools, guided online research to answer focus questions, thousands of web resources, and learning activities. It also includes virtual labs, interactive math tools, lesson guides, suggested activities, projects, interactive practice, quizzes, and response worksheets. Students have the option of submitting their quizzes and responses to their support teacher by email or by a printed or paper version.

Cost:  free to enrolled students

To access this site, please log in to your parent home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources”, then scroll down to find the link and username for SAS® Curriculum Pathways (no password is needed).

This site is constantly adding new materials, for example in July 2017:

SAS Updates

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