School Year Dreams and Goals!

Good Morning learning commons friends,

Welcome back to school!  As we start our school year I am so excited to see what the new school year 2015/16 will bring. This summer I experienced the joy of helping my daughter Emily bring our new granddaughter into the world.  Isabelle Grace is a beauty, and we have great hopes and dreams for her!

Isabelle Grace

Along with our learning commons vision and goals we pray that our students are filled with the Lord’s wisdom and encouragement to fulfil their hopes and dreams this coming year.  Are they filled with hope and joy, excited about discovering their passions and interests.  Or are they worried about meeting the needs of their textbook and the learning outcomes?  Can they do both?

I do believe they can!  When we go to the Lord and ask Him to bring joy and curiosity, or fire in our hearts, to question what it is that interests us, we can begin to thrive on learning.  If we want our students to develop a growth mindset  we need to develop the habit of prayer and question in their lives.  I need to remember to role model that myself with my family.  How can I keep the love of learning and inquiry closely tied to my core values.

Purpose is so closely linked to the growing #MakerEd movement.  To see the wonder and passion in students’ eyes as learning sparks, is what makes teaching so rewarding.  We are so excited about seeing the project based movement meet the needs of many of our students, and our learning commons is developing a wonderful #MakeredSpace with this in mind.  Developing your students skills and talents, while imbuing them with the Love of the Lord, is what our school does best!  We pray that as your students become involved in their community, whether it is in missions, #makered, creativity, or hobbies they find joy and spark in their learning.   We would love to know what is working best for your students with their learning, how are they hacking their community?

Watch this inspiring video from Peter Benson from TedTalks to learn more about starting off your school year with a spark.

Blessings to you as you start your new school year!


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We are a team of librarians working at Heritage Christian Schools learning commons. HCS Schools consist of a Christian DL school, and a campus school in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.

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