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Jack’s Insects and Jack’s Insects Narration & Nature Study Notebook, Simply Charlotte Mason

(Grades 4–6)

A classic living science book used by Charlotte Mason!

Follow Jack and Maggie into the fascinating world of insects! When Jack receives a book for his birthday, he and his sister suddenly find themselves inside it, living the natural history. Learn from their adventures as they question a butterfly, narrate to a spider, go underground with a cicada, anger a wasp, attend a katydid concert, hear a candle fly’s court case, go airborne with some fireflies, sail with a raft-spider, and more.

  • Charlotte Mason Recommended—Originally published in 1910, Jack’s Insects is a classic living science book that Charlotte Mason used in her schools. Records indicate that she recommended it for children in Form II (grades 4–6).
  • Living Science—In true Charlotte Mason style, fascinating facts about insects are couched in a living story. You’ll learn about butterflies, caterpillars, plague locusts, carding bees, cicadas, katydids, and more, and from the (often opinionated) insects themselves. (Oh, yes, these insects are quite the characters!)
  • Original Illustrations—J. A. Shepherd created more than forty-four pen and ink drawings to illustrate the story of Jack’s Insects. We have tried to preserve the integrity of these original illustrations, presenting them as they appeared in the early 1900’s edition, including their hand-drawn border lines.

Now your student can expand on what he learns from Jack’s Insects. Additional learning opportunities with leading narration questions, prescreened websites and recommended reading, nature study tips, and lots of room to record findings all organized in one attractive notebook. (Grades 4–6) Workbook, Drawing on one page.

In this self-directed study, your child will

  • Recall more details about each episode.—The leading narration questions encourage the student to give a full retelling of what took place in each chapter of Jack’s Insects.
  • Learn more about the insects in the book.—We recommend several interesting and pre-screened websites and books to encourage your student to develop his own relation with each insect he reads about.
  • Discover the insects in his own neighborhood.—A handy master insect list, insect-watching and drawing tips, and plenty of drawing pages make this notebook a great tool for corresponding nature study.
  • Work at his own pace.—Flexible lessons allow your student to read, narrate, research, and discover more about Jack’s Insects during one term or a full year. It’s your choice.
  • Create a personal record of his science studies.—With the Jack’s Insects Narration & Nature Study Notebook, your student’s narrations, research, and nature study notes are all collected and organized in an attractive notebook to treasure for years to come.

Alpha Omega Lifepac Science Grade 9 General Science

Engaging LIFEPAC General Science III emphasizes the important subjects of geology and body health. Students will study diverse topics like: Our Atomic World; Volume, Mass, and Density; Astronomy; Oceanography; and Scientific Applications. LIFEPAC General Science III offers a fun approach to learning so your student can easily fine-tune his understanding of physics! He will not only learn the laws of nature; but will also be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment as he completes each worktext. Each unit contains section objectives, vocabulary words, along with question and answer sections. The LIFEPAC General Science III Set contains ten separate worktexts and a teacher’s guide that may be purchased individually.

How is nuclear energy produced? Can bacterial and viral infections be prevented? Does your teen ask questions like these? If so, give LIFEPAC Science homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications a try! The LIFEPAC 9th Grade Science Set presents a study of health and the second half of a two-part comprehensive study of physical science. Ten full-color, engaging worktexts present lessons created to encourage independent study and critical thinking. In the LIFEPAC 9th Grade Science Set, your homeschooling child will focus on the study of body health, the atomic world, geology, astronomy, oceanography, and ecology. Diverse topics include radioactivity, matter, weathering and erosion, fossils, bacterial and viral infections, constellations, space exploration, geology of the ocean, ecology, and much more!

Stepping into Stem Grade 3

These dynamic resources provide guided lessons to integrate project-based learning into your science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. Each unit provides background information for teachers and students and moves from teacher-directed activities toward more open-ended activities. The culminating activity in each unit allows students to design their own unique “invention” or conduct an experiment of their own creation. Students will be challenged to work collaboratively, using a design process that helps them “step into STEM” with greater competence and confidence. Workbook

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