Needing Help Reading 'Science Power' Articles?

Guess what I just learned?  I found out that World Book Science Power has a special feature to help students who are having difficulty reading!

When you log in to World Book, then choose Science Power, you can go to any one of their 6 main science topics:

and choose from the menu that opens up.  For example, “Climate” (under “Weather & Space”).  You can point your cursor at the blue icon “Climate” to find this description, or click on the title to go directly to the Climate article, which is written at a 740 Lexile level.

Alternatively, you can point your cursor at the rainbow underneath the blue “Climate” icon to find the same overview at a lower Lexile level.  Click on the rainbow to open up that same article at the lower Lexile level, more easily readable for students who are having difficulty.

Isn’t that a great idea from World Book?  This is just one of the many, free HCOS subscriptions, available to supplement your curriculum.

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