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Scoopit View Interface

Scoopit View Interface (Photo credit: puptoes74)

HCS learning commons uses Scoopit as a curation tool, to disseminate information to it’s larger body of patrons.  We have found it to be a useful resource to teach curation and archive information under topics!

Here are the Pro’s and Con’s for going with Scoopit.


  • The ability to share curation responsibilities with others
  • The usefulness of the platform as a way to curate across keywords
  • Being able to add specific urls to your curation list
  • The browser plug-in that allows you to easily pull in items you’d like to curate
  • The blogging feature (which I’m using here) to add your own content to your curation
  • The WordPress plugin (although I haven’t yet set this up on my blog)
  • Easy to create and share new topics


  • Further refinement of the keyword tool to turn up more specific results, eliminating the number of results that are less useful
  • Spell-check in the blogging widget
  • The ability for those you share curation with to edit or add keyword filters

Various topic Scoopit pages you can follow with HCS LearningCommons Team.

21Century Apps– Curated by Natalie Sing

21Century Apps for Exceptional Children (SE) curated by Jenn Macdonald

Apps in the 21century Curated by Sinead Roy

21CenturyEducation– curated by Pippa Davies

21Century Homeschooling– curated by Natalie Sing

21CenturyLearningCommons– curated by Pippa Davies

Canada in the World- Natalie Sing

Christianity in Education– curated by Pippa Davies

Educational Leadership- Pippa Davies

Gamification of Learning-  Michelle Nimchuk and Zion Nimchuk

Grad Program– Pippa Davies

Google in Libraries and Education– Pippa and Natalie

HCS Learning Commons Newsletter– curated by Natalie and Pippa

Learning Differences and Gifts- Pippa Davies

Library Web 2.0 Skills.- Pippa

Makered Toolkit– Pippa and Natalie

Math Rules For Fun– Gord Holden, Pippa, Natalie and Sinead

Math 7 Specific Supplements   curated by Roberta Macdonald Math teacher.

Math 8 Specific Supplements curated by Roberta Macdonald.

The War of 1812– curated by Eric Vanee History teacher.

Writing Lesson Plans- Kathy Kanda

WritingTools Web 3.0 curated by Pippa Davies



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