Topic Lists make Searching a Breeze!

It can be difficult to search through so many resources in the Search Portal, especially when you are not sure which keywords to use.  We have curated lists of titles into Topic Lists which makes it easier to find resources by grade, subject or topic.  Everything from Bible to Holidays to Social Skills can be found here! Click on the icon that says “Topic Lists” on the home page of the Search Portal.

The next screen will show a list of topics by grade and by subject.

Now it’s easy to find books on manners and social skills, or find out what types of hands-on kits we have in the Hands-on Learning/MakerEd list!

Certain categories are broken down further.

For each Grade Level there are subcategories of: Language Arts, Math, Science and Socials.  The main list for each grade contains the titles of all of the unit studies for that grade.

For example, when you click on Grade 2 the first list you see is all six unit studies for grade 2.  You can download the parent guide by clicking on the link.

On the left, you will see a scrolling list of Topics. When you click on one, (in this example Language Arts was chosen), you will see a large scroll box that shows the titles. If you hover over the title, a balloon pops up with information about the title. You can scroll through this list, or use the smaller scroll bar at the bottom which shows more titles at once, using the arrows.

These lists are helpful to see what resources we have for a variety of topics. However, you cannot book the items from this screen at this time.

Please note:

  • An item that is “out” can still be booked for future use
  • Some items have links that will take you to an external website for more information
  • Some items have downloadable content, so technically that are not “out” because you can access the content via the link. Just click on the link to go to the website.

Once you find a resource you would like to book, note the name of it, click the Home button, search by Title and add the title name to the search bar.

Here are further instructions on how to log in and book items:

Enrolled Patrons tutorial

Registered Patrons tutorial

Search Portal Login